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Toigo Leadership Intensive for Women in Finance

Toigo’s RISE Women in Leadership intensive helps both rising women leaders and their employers realize their full potential. The six-month leadership intensive includes a combination of in-person and virtual exchanges designed to support rising women in all finance sectors on a path for growth and advancement—right at a key pivot point in their career trajectory. Part leadership development, part an opportunity to forge key professional connections, Toigo’s RISE program is open to women in finance with five to ten years of experience. It combines Toigo’s proven model of Fellowship and its Groundbreakers women in leadership programming into a focused, personalized development initiative. Now in its third year, Toigo has refined RISE as a 6- month intensive with more touch points with both the RISE participant and her employer.

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Led by Joanna Bloor

RISE Program Elements

  • 6-month personalized leadership playbook focused on strengths and opportunities for growth

  • One-on-one coaching for navigating key leadership development goals

  • Mentor match for life-long career support

  • Monthly exchanges with senior women leaders on career, advancement and more

  • Peer-to-peer networking

  • Deep dives into expanding areas of finance, including AI, fintech, SPACs and more

  • Direct feedback to firm “nominating” contact on RISE participant development

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Program Schedule

Program Schedule

September 20th & 21st, 2023

Toigo RISE Kick-Off Event | NYC Harvard Club (In-Person Event)

October 2023

"Expert In" Series | Blockchain & Crypto Currencies (Virtual Event)

Private Executive Coaching (Virtual)

Meet your mentor

November 2023

"Expert In" Series | Metaverse & Web3 (Virtual Event)

Meet a Mentor Panel Session (Virtual Event)

December 5th, 2023

Mid-Program Collaboration Experience | NYC Harvard Club (In-Person Event)

Meet a Mentor Panel Session (In-Person Event)

Networking Event (In-Person)

January 2024

"Expert In" Series | Everything you want to learn about AI (Virtual Event)

Private Executive Coaching (Virtual)

Meet a Mentor Panel Session (Virtual Event)

February 2024

Inspirational Interview (Virtual)

Amplify Workshop: Negotiation (Virtual)

Joanna Bloor

Joanna Bloor
Ambition Guide & Career Futurist

Joanna Bloor Cropped.jpg

As an Ambition Guide and Career Futurist, Joanna Bloor has 25 years of experience helping ideas come to life. She built her career creating futures that didn't exist before - from early Web 1.0 with Ticketmaster and to Web 2.0 and Pandora. Agility and speed were always must have's while thinking towards a preferable future made ideas into legacies. In 2015 Bloor turned her attention to the most exciting product in a company - people. "We engage with new technologies because we recognize their potential to provide value to us in the future," Bloor shares, "Isn't the same true for people? And isn't potential the human product that never existed before? So why aren't we using the same lessons learned to help people build their careers and confidently navigate this new future of work?" As a Career Futurist, Bloor sees the same opportunity for transformation in the world of work. "When you work on the edges of technology, you must think like a Futurist—exploring the possible, probable, plausible, and preferable futures. You have to re-imagine frameworks and systems that don't exist. We've seen companies transform industries - Google, Airbnb, Uber, PayPal, Amazon - the list continues. In each case, they've questioned and re-imagined a new framework for their business. Why then," Bloor asks, "are we still using the tools, data, systems, and strategies anchored in the language and frameworks of the industrial past. Isn't it time to explore the tools of talent and build frameworks that recognize their skills, personality, and potential?"

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